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With our effective book marketing strategies, get ready to reach a wider audience to sell your book.

Find Your Audience with the Best Book Marketing Strategies

Pro Book Writers will help you craft the perfect book marketing service package for your book.

Once published and printed, it’s time to present your book to the world. While traditional methods still work, a custom book marketing strategy will reach a much wider audience. With our best ghostwriters at work, your book deserves all the attention it will get with our marketing strategy. To make it a bestseller, we’ll work with you to create a unique plan of action and market your book for you.

Our book marketing services can make your book
the next bestseller

PR Services

Give your audience a glimpse of what to expect from your book with our public relations services.

A Network of Authors

We have an author network to help aspiring writers promote their books to the right audience.

Advertising & Marketing

We promote your book with marketing and advertising strategies to help it become the next bestseller.

Branding & Design

Build your book into a brand and create a captivating campaign around it with logos and book cover design.

Social Media Channels

If it’s not on social media, it’s not worth talking about! Don’t worry, your book will be on all social platforms with our help.


Publish your own book with our help and become a published author without the hassle of book publishing agencies.

Author’s Website

Our book marketing services include an author’s website to build an online platform for your book promotion.

Content Marketing & SEO

Let’s make your book make it to the top of search results with SEO and content marketing strategies.

Barnes & Noble Edition

Your Barnes & Noble book edition is a reality with Pro Book Writers. It will give you an edge over other aspiring writers in your genre.


Audiobooks are all the rage these days and book marketing companies are embracing the change. Create a perfect audiobook with us for readers who listen.

Book Trailers

Don’t let your book catch dust on bookshelves. Let’s create an engaging book trailer to increase the number of people who buy your book.

Marketing Articles

Promote your book online with great articles and give your potential readers a glimpse of what’s to come with our book marketing agency.

Our 6-Step Process to Make It to the Bestsellers List

Read about our 6 steps to market your book to the right audience.

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Research Existing Trends The current marketing trends are essential in finding the right audience for your book.


Crafting the Strategy Once you approve the marketing strategy we create for you, it’s time for your approval.


Promotion Before Launch Before you launch your book, create hype by promoting it online and offline.


Launch Day Effective marketing solutions make it possible to reach more people for your book launch.


Promotion After Launch The fun doesn’t end even after the launch of your book. Let’s drive it home with a post-launch promotion!

Are you interested in publishing
your own book?

Bring your vision to life with our ghostwriting service and become a published author within a few months. Once we have your book out there in the world, your true journey as an author begins!

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