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At Pro Book Writers, we make it easier for you to publish your own book with our best ghostwriters at work. famous non-fiction writers |ebook launch strategy |famous biography writers


Bringing your unique ideas to light with our best ghostwriting services

Services we provide:

eBook Ghostwriting Services

Our ghostwriting services are top-notch with our best ghostwriters and editors working on your projects. Do not shy away from exploring your unique ideas. We’ll help you refine them and bring them forward into the world. Let’s make you a published author now!

  • A talented writer works on your project.
  • Striving to turn your idea into a published book.
  • At Pro Book Writers, we make it easier for you to publish your own book with our best ghostwriters at work. famous non-fiction writers |ebook launch strategy |famous biography writers
  • Experienced writer for your project.
  • Striving to turn your idea into a well-written piece of content with creative liberties.
  • An editor to see your project through the writing and publication process.
Online Book Publishing

As book publishers well-versed in the industry, we do not apply hidden charges to your project. Book publishing will be part of your package if you place an order. Get in touch with us to find the perfect book writing and publishing package for you. From Day 1, each interaction will be transparent and clear to make the process as easy as possible for you.

  • Publish your book with us and we’ll make sure it reaches the right audience. Rake in maximum royalties with each book you sell.
  • We’ll publish your book on online platforms including Amazon, Apple Books, and Barnes & Noble.

The journey of becoming a published author does not end with writing and book publishing. It takes targeted marketing and branding to bring it to light and share it with the world. We make that happen with our book marketing services.

  • Implementation of fundamental book marketing strategies.
  • Promotion of your book on various social media platforms.
  • Fundamental + Advanced book marketing strategies for your project.
  • Book marketing on social media platforms with extensive digital exposure.
Video Book Trailers

Make your book marketing strategy better with video book trailers. They are essential to enhance the exposure of your book and increase the curiosity of your potential reader. You can also find new readers outside your genre with video book trailers.

  • HD footage with high-quality images.
  • An engaging video book trailer for marketing purposes.
  • HD footage with high-quality images.
  • Consultation with experts.
  • A captivating video book trailer for your readers.
Web Design + SEO

Online presence is essential to make sure your book marketing strategies are working. With SEO and web design for branding, you can find various readers online in and outside your genre.

  • User-friendly web design.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for websites.
  • User-friendly website for book marketing.
  • Curated Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for websites.
  • Guaranteed high-ranking position.

Audiobooks are all the rage these days! Even the best book publishing companies offer audiobook services to meet client and customer satisfaction. We offer audiobooks for our clients to help them read people who love listening to books more than reading.

  • Glitch-free audiobooks.
  • Highest quality of audio.
  • A combined effort between you and Pro Book Writers.
Cover Designs

Let your cover design speak for the book you have published for readers around the world. We incorporate the best covert designs that capture the idea of your book in one illustration or picture. With our talented designers, you have nothing to worry about!

  • A collaborative effort between designers and writers.
  • Industry-standard typesetting.
  • Designers work with the client, i.e., you.
  • Market trend research carried out by designers.
  • Highest quality of book cover designs.
  • A collaborative effort between you and our designers.
  • Industry-standard typesetting.
  • An editor working with the design team to ensure the quality of content on the cover.

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